Day in the life of a professor

Based on the number of courses I teach (usually three one semester and two the other), I am often asked whether I’m a full-time professor. Trust me, I am.

People outside academia do not always understand the range of responsibilities that an academic job requires. I’m going to document some typical days in my life so that you can see what it is that I do.

Today I arrived at the office around 8 a.m. and did some final prepping for my 9:30 class. I had to locate some videos and other resources to show in class and write a pop quiz. From 9:30-10:45, I was in class, hanging around for a few extra minutes to answer questions. Back in my office, I worked on an assignment description for a few minutes before a student popped in to talk about her internship. I took about 15 minutes for a lunch break before I got back to my computer and finished the assignment description. This is an assignment I have used before, but I just wanted to tweak a few things.

So what else is on my agenda for today? Posting that assignment and several examples from previous semesters, organizing my students into teams, sending e-mail invitations to guest speakers, uploading my readings for my grad class, prepping for my grad class and teaching tonight between 6:20-9. I am meeting a grad student after class at 9 to talk about her thesis.

Today did not even involve any research or service commitments and it was still a very full day.