Social Media: A Reference Handbook

ABC-CLIO, LLC, Mar 31, 2017

Social media is an integral part of people’s lives. More than half of the world’s 2.4 billion Internet users sign in to a social network regularly a figure that continues to grow. More than half of online adults now use two or more social media sites; 71 percent of Internet users are on Facebook. This book surveys the history of social media, addresses the power of social media for positive change, describes the problems and controversies social media have caused, and suggests potential solutions to these issues.

Geared toward students and general readers, this accessibly written book covers such topics as the link between social media and body image, the psychological affects of social media use, online conversations about sexual assault, corporate use of social media data, political campaigning through social media, fan tweeting during television shows, and crisis communication through social media. Readers will also gain insights into the range of serious problems related to social media, including privacy concerns, social media addiction, social media hoaxes and scams, the pressure to project an ideal self, the curation of content presented on social media, cyberbullying, sexting, Facebook depression and envy, online shaming, and the impact of social media use on communication skills.


Celeb 2.0: How Social Media Foster Our Fascination with Popular Culture

ABC-CLIO, 2009

With Ashton Kutcher’s record-breaking “tweeting” more famous than his films, and Perez Hilton actually getting more attention than Paris, the actress often covered in his blog, the worlds of celebrity celebration and online social networking are pushing the public’s crush on the famous and infamous into overdrive. Celeb 2.0: How Social Media Foster Our Fascination with Popular Culture explores this phenomenon.

Celeb 2.0 looks at how blogs, video sharing sites, user-news sites, social networks, and message boards are fueling America’s already voracious consumption of pop culture. Full of fascinating insights and interviews, the book looks at how celebrities use blogs, Twitter, and other tools, how YouTube and other sites create celebrity, how Web 2.0 shortens the distance between fans and stars, and how the new social media influences news reporting and series television.

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