WordPress Personal Plan for Hosting and Free Domain

Oops, I did it again! After a hiatus, I reacquired my domain name of KelliSBurns.com. I have used Name.com before for hosting and domain names so I went back to them again. The cost for hosting and the domain name from them was about $43/year.  I had trouble, however, getting my URL to point to my WordPress. I learned in the process that WordPress now offers these services. So I asked for a refund from Name.com after giving them a chance to preserve the business (there was really nothing they could do) and easily signed up for the WordPress Personal Plan for Hosting which gives me a free domain name (it only took seconds for my domain to become available again) and lots of other perks for a cost of $48/year. Maybe these is a way to do this easier and cheaper, but I was so tired of calling Name.com (and they are great people!) and dealing with it, that I went with the WordPress option.

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