Getting Started with Hubspot

EPP-Logo-3stackLast year I was accepted into the Hubspot Education Partner Program, but I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. In preparation for teaching an integrated advertising and public relations research class, I decided to give Hubspot another look and see if it could benefit my class.

I found this hubspot-edu page helpful in providing a central place for lesson plans, class projects, syllabi, links to certifications, and how to download the Hubspot Marketing Software. I have started on the Hubspot Marketing Software certification and a while back, had started the Content Marketing certification. I plan to complete both of these so that I can move onto other certifications. The content available on Hubspot is a bit overwhelming, but I hope that by focusing on hubspot-edu, I will be able to focus on what I need to learn.

In digging around on hubspot-edu, I found the resources available on the Applied Learning link to helpful in giving me some ideas to apply Hubspot in the class. I just learned about personas in the Marketing Software certification course, so was thinking that students could start by developing personas for their clients.

As I get more into Hubspot, I will update this blog on what I’m learning and how I plan to apply it.

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