Getting Started with Facebook Blueprint

fbbpI registered to take Facebook Blueprint courses and am just getting started with the curriculum. The module of courses includes “Getting Started with Advertising,” “Choosing Ad Formats,” and “Measure Ad Performance,” among many others.

I dipped into “Getting Started with Advertising.” The content is reduced to bite-sized chunks and is visually appealing. When you finish a course within a module, you get a nice congratulations message (with confetti) on the screen.

So far, what has been covered was information I already knew such as how to target core audiences using demographics, location, interests, behaviors, and connections and then how to promote from your Facebook page by boosting a post/event or promoting a website, local business, call to action, or Facebook page. This course touched on tracking results of your boosted/promoted posts and also discussed the Facebook pixel, which is embedded in your website for additional tracking.

In participating in Facebook Blueprint, I’m looking to see if these courses can provide value to our PR/Strat Comm students and how I would integrate these into my classes or our curriculum.