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Principles of Public Relations (PUR 3000)

My Principles students have been regularly participating in the Meltwater Classroom program. Since this is an intro course, we just do one small assignment using Meltwater as a way to introduce them to the tool and start building an understanding of how public relations practitioners monitor brands and build media lists. Last semester, I broke the assignment into two parts so that I could have them address any issues with their searches before moving ahead with the rest of the assignment.

Meltwater Assignment Getting Started

Meltwater Assignment

Principles students also start creating a social media presence for themselves with a blog/website, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter account.

Personal Brand Project

Public Relations Research (PUR 3500)

Public Relations Research students learned how to use Sysomos to study a brand. Sysomos was purchased by Meltwater so I will probably stick with that program for this class in the future.

Sysomos Assignment

Students also participated in the Cision Program for Colleges and Universities. In this class, they did a classroom assignment to get exposed to the software and then a graded assignment. Students have the option to get accredited through Cision. I didn’t require accreditation for the class, but some ambitious students took the time to get accredited.

Cision Classroom Assignment

Cision Graded Assignment

Social Media Data & Analytics (MMC 6936)

Fall 2016:


Students in this class were exposed to NodeXL, Gephi, Sysomos, Hootsuite, Cision, and Tableau.

Strategic Communications Media (MMC 6415)

Spring 2013:

Syllabus Spring 2013

Social Media Campaign Presentation

Radian 6 project

Google AdWords Project

Spring 2012:

Syllabus Spring 2012 (updated)

Final Project (spring 2012)

Weekly Blog Posts and Comments (updated)

Social Media Campaign Presentation (updated)

Social Media Tools Presentation (updated)

Paper (updated)

Social Media Campaign Project

If you are interested in using or adapting these assignments for your own class, please just leave a comment below saying who you are and where you teach.

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