Course Materials

Social Media Data & Analytics (MMC 6936)

Fall 2016:


Students in this class were exposed to NodeXL, Gephi, Sysomos, Hootsuite, Cision, and Tableau.

Strategic Communications Media (MMC 6415)

Spring 2013:

Syllabus Spring 2013

Social Media Campaign Presentation

Radian 6 project

Google AdWords Project

Spring 2012:

Syllabus Spring 2012 (updated)

Final Project (spring 2012)

Weekly Blog Posts and Comments (updated)

Social Media Campaign Presentation (updated)

Social Media Tools Presentation (updated)

Paper (updated)

Social Media Campaign Project

If you are interested in using or adapting these assignments for your own class, please just leave a comment below saying who you are and where you teach.

9 thoughts on “Course Materials

  1. Kelli, hi there. I would like to use this for a possible course I am teaching next spring.

    1. Hi Kevin, Thanks for finding me. Please borrow any assignments that you like. I’m always looking for good ideas too! BTW I used to live in Nashville and miss it!

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